strong>Robert Burke: Alright we are back. We’ve got another guest who’s another one of my favorites with Nationwide Secured Capital Company in California, Gene Powers are you on the line? Gene Powers:  I’m here Robert. Good to hear you. Burke: Well it’s always great to have you here. How is sunny California? Powers: It’s doing well, Spring is springing in. The mild weather is wonderful this time of year. Burke: Well that’s great. Hey you probably didn’t hear the first part of the show because you’re calling in from California and you don’t hear our show there. But we’ve basically taken the show to go over some things, a lot of questions, comments that people have written in. Some questions they’ve had. Of course, the number one question we get in regards to your company, Nationwide Secured Capital, you guys buy owner financed mortgages around the country. There are a lot of companies out there who do that. But what sets you guys apart from all the rest?