Maybe you have an unexpected medical expense, a business venture, or the desire to pursue another investment. Maybe you no longer want the burden of servicing the note or worrying about whether taxes or insurance are current.  Whatever the case may be, you want to sell your note. You would like a lump sum of cash instead of monthly payments. How do you go about selling your note? There is some general information initially needed to start the process. A brief description of the property such as is it residential or commercial? What is the size of the property? There are notes sold for single family residences, multi-family residences, commercial buildings, mobile homes, and vacant land. They can also be sold for vehicles, boats, and other property. What is needed are the numbers. How much did you sell the property for? What was the down payment? What was the original balance of the note and the interest rate?  The length of time the payments have been made, also known as seasoning, is a consideration in selling your note.  How many years or months of payments are left on the note are also required. A credit history of the payor along with history of payments made will help decide if the note is worth a buyer purchasing it. More: